How to identify about tick infestation on dog?

How to identify about tick infestation on dog?

Ticks are known as the creepy crawlies that look like a spider, have the shape of the egg as well as they suck the blood from the dogs. These insects have eight legs and their size can vary between 1 mm to 1 cm. the adult ticks usually look like small spiders. Ticks are commonly found in grasslands, houses and most commonly on dogs. Thus, the tick extermination process can help your dogs to get rid of the infestation of ticks on your dog.

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How to identify tick on the dog?

It is important for a person to identify the ticks on the dog and treat them efficiently to prevent any type of problem. The professional of Brisbane Pest Control services can help you to get rid of the ticks from your dog.

  • Ticks can be easily identified as they are big enough in size. You should run your hand on the body of your dog and if you feel any type of bumps or lumps on your dog body then there are chances of tick infestation. The tick usually feels like the small bump on the skin of your pet.
  • The ticks can be easily attached to some of the areas around your dog such as neck, head, feet, and ear. You can brush on your body to remove ticks.
  • Ticks usually vary depending upon the size and the size also depends upon their age. The body of the tick becomes larger as well as darker as it fills with the blood.

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How to remove ticks from a dog?

  • Ticks usually carry various types of diseases, so it is important for you to remove the ticks from your dog ASAP. The tick pest control services can help you in the rapid removal of ticks.
  • The process of removing the ticks can be tricky for you as it is essential for you to be careful enough and you should not try to squeeze the body of the tick or allowing the head of the tick does not get stucked inside the dog skin. If you will squeeze the tick it can expel the blood back inside the body of your dog, which can increase the risk of the infection to your dog. The infection caused by the affected blood can be serious for your dog and the dog may get some severe diseases.
  • The best removal method which is used for the removal of a tick is twisting the tick off from the body of the dog. The pet shops or the Professional Pest Control Service provider provides the hand device for the easy removal of the ticks from the body of the dog. ¬†You can also seek advice from the specialist veterinary doctor regarding the removal of the ticks.

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